Making Your Own Handcarved Stamp

This week I wanted to try something new to me… I carved my own stamp 🙂 I used the new release digistamp set from Vera Lane Studio, The Raccoon Family. Isn’t the lil raccoon adorable? The whole family would go well with the Woodland Props set or the Foxes!

Lets get started! You will need a few items to get started making your own handcarved stamp.

  • Lino cut tool
  • speedy carve carving blank
  • pencil
  • scrap paper
  • exacto knife
Draw your image on the scrap paper.

Place your image face down on your carving block and burnish with the end of Lino tool to transfer your image.


Grab your Lino tool and place the smallest of the gougers on the tool. Now the fun part!


Slowly carve the negative space out with the gouger.
Continue to carve out the negative space (the part we don’t want to show in the stamp)
Place the #3 gouger in the tool to remove more of the negative space. Trim off excess around the edges with the exacto knife.
Finished! Now test out your new stamp
Tested & removed more of the middle of stamp. Test again and YES!! Now to use it in your art!
Grab your paints and markers and make magic!
Image on left I used Copic Markers & the right I used Prima Watercolors.
I had so much fun making my own stamp! I will definitely be making more. I would love to see how you use the VLS raccoon stamp set!

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  1. Love your baby raccoon card, Stephanie. Your carved stamp is fab and I love the step by step process you shared! (I’d totally forgotten about stamp carving and I have all the tools – do you follow Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog – she hand carves each December?) x

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