DIY Brea Reese Color Mixing Chart

I decided to make a very useful tool for watercoloring. It has been very helpful! I made my own Brea Reese Watercolor Ink color mixing chart.

I have links to the PDF files below to download the charts I made.


  • Print chart on Watercolor paper
  • Gather all 14 Brea Reese Inks (glitter or Watercolor)
  • Waterbrush
  • Paper towel for blotting (can later be used in a mixed media piece. No waste!)


  1. Paint the square/rectangle where each color intersects. As shown below.
  2. Next I painted the square next to Pink … pink. Then painted medium magenta on top of it. I found it easier to clean my brush in between each color.
  3. The colors in the left column will ALWAYS be the color that is on the bottom.
  4. The colors listed at the top will be the second color added. Make sense?
  5. DO NOT paint all of the base color at once. The inks need to still be wet to blend properly.
  6. You can watch the time lapse video on my YouTube channel here. Please subscribe & comment if you feel the video is useful 🙂
  7. Be careful to not let the inks from separate boxes touch. That will contaminate your mixing.
  8. FYI the process of creating this chart will take about 2 hours, so set aside some time. It’s definitely worth it. I promise!


Brea Reese Watercolor Inks Chart

Brea Reese Glitter Inks Chart

Hope you enjoyed this post…

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