Foiled Halloween Candy Holders | Xyron Maker

Foiled Halloween Candy Holders | Xyron Maker

I had so much creating these Foiled Halloween Candy Holders! They are the perfect size to fit a few pieces of candy and them and make such a cute gift idea for family and friends. I had seen them made with toilet paper rolls and I thought,,, hey why don’t you create your own designs an make them with cardstock and the awesome Xyron Glaminator. So let’s get started…

Supplies Used:

Use a laser printer to print images. text etc. on cardstock. I used images I created on my iPad Pro in Procreate. Preheat Glaminator. Choose the star icon . Trim foil to fit your printed cardstock. Place foil color side up on top of your printed images and put it inside the clear Glaminator carrier sleeve. Once the Glaminator is ready you will see the green light next to the check mark icon. Put the carrier sleeve with your image and foil into the front of the Glaminator machine. It will grab hold and feed through to the back. When it is completely through just set aside and let it cool completely.

After they have cooled peel back the foil and observe the magic that has happened. Look at how beautiful that is! It is so awesome seeing an image I created and words written in my own handwriting all foiled! I am in LOVE with this! Let’s get onto making the candy holders with the custom foiled paper.

Use the Xyron Tape Runner to adhere the short sides together to make a tube. Next, apply adhesive to one of the open ends. Press closed on that end. Add adhesive to the opposite but close opposite of the first one. These candy holders are similar to the shape of sour cream packets 🙂 Fill with CANDY or other small goodies!

Once I started making them I couldn’t stop! You can make long tubes as well. To finish the candy holders just punch two holes about a 1/2 to 1 inch apart and tie some festive fibers. I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed making them. Would love to hear your feedback or questions.

I also wanted to mention that the Xyron Click N Store Storage Box is perfect to store your foils!

(Disclaimer: Xyron provided me with the foils, adhesive and Click N Storage Box. The Glaminator was bought with my own money. All opinions and review are my own. )

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